Hearing Aid Maintenance

With any investment, there is a degree of maintenance required to be sure money was well spent and the purchase is well kept. Hearing aids aren’t any different. While there are things that only the manufacturer or your hearing healthcare professional should do, there are many preventative measures that you can take to ensure your hearing aid is well maintained.


Self-care for hearing aids


BTE Hearing Aid Cleaning

Custom Hearing Aid Cleaning

Lifetube Hearing Aid Cleaning

RIC Hearing Aid Cleaning

RIC Hearing Aid Exchange Click Mold

There are several simple home-care steps you can take to keep your hearing aids in top condition. Take a look at this guide for morning, evening and weekly tips. This guide also includes useful tips on cleaning, storage and troubleshooting.

Tools for success

Keep in mind that your hearing aid Operation Manual is online, as well as battery information and more.