• Fezeka Ngwana
    My Name is Fezeka Ngwana, 23 year old girl. I have been a patient of Dr Mariekie Cilliers Audiology in Benoni for 6 years now and it has been a great journey with her, from the first time I got my first pair of hearing aids when I was doing my Grade 12, it was very challenging in every way and thoughts of giving up were so too much to handle, but her kindness and support gave me the reason to go on and take on the world, I then went to the University of Johannesburg to do my Diploma in Accounting,  another environment that was too noisy and exhausting, it was very difficult although I did manage to pass my studies in Record time, that was the greatest achievement and because Dr Mariekie Cilliers’s Audiologist in Benoni was very supportive in ensuring that my hearing aids offered the most  comfortable sound. In 2016 I got Internship in Finance another new completely different world and I got my second pair of hearing aids in July 2016 , the new ones were extremely too amazing, and offered the most impressive technology, and while I know that my hearing loss keeps on deteriorating, I would say hearing aids have changed my life for the better. In 2016 again Dr Mariekie Cilliers Audiologist advised that I needed to do tests for the possibility of Cochlear Implant, at that time I was not very convinced with it, and I eventually agreed to do the tests, she took me to the JCIC , were I met with Leone Nauta who gave me all the necessary information on the CI, she did tests and I was considered a potential candidate for the CI, and we also had the best news of my life , I got funding to undergo the CI , while she took me to almost all my appointments , her support has changed my life for the better, I would not have done it without her, I am happy that I am now in the process of getting Cochlear Implant, I look forward to a new world, and I will remain too grateful for such an opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you very much Dr Marieke Cilliers Audiology, for the best service, if I could recommend an Audiology it would be definitely Dr Marieke Cilliers Audiology
    Fezeka Ngwana
  • I have been a patient at Dr Mariekie Cilliers Audiologists since 2011.  I discovered my hearing loss when I couldn’t hear people’s voices when they were talking to me while we were driving.  I went to test my hearing and we picked up that I have a significant hearing loss Since I am using hearing aids I can hear people speaking to me when we are on the road and I can hear sounds which I have forgotten about.  Thank you for the excellent service and your friendliness.
    Daleen van den Berg
  • Die afgelope 3½ jaar maak ek van Marietjie Cilliers se oudioloog dienste  gebruik.  Ek ervaar die persone in haar diens as baie bekwaam, vriendelik en hulpvaardig.  Ek kan die dienste  met vrymoedigheid aanbeveel.
    TB Koorts
  • Ek besoek al die afgelope 6 jaar Marietjie Cilliers se oudioloog  praktyk in Springs.  Die ontvangs is altyd hartlik. Die diens wat gelewer word is puik en die personeel is altyd bereid om moeite vir hul pasiënte te doen.
    Mev MC Ochse
  • Thank you so much….  Our words can never express the thanks we have to you all with helping my daughter and now my dad.  My mom is still sobbing and my dad is so excited but hearing things clearly now around him.  You are very special ANGELS at Sunward Park.  God bless you.
    Lee, Emma Nana and Grandad